Oct 31, 2007

Updating Soon...

I'm a bit swamped with some freelance illustration and other projects, but I'll be back to the videos BEFORE FEBRUARY. I'm considering changing the format so these videos are usable as podcast downloads for your computer or portable mp3/video players. Let me know what you think about this, or let me know if this setup works for you, as it is.

So check back SOON for more digital paintings.

Lastly, I've received several emails on the topic of selling prints of my work. I'm willing to do so on an individual basis, so if you like anything here, on my art blog, in my book, or on my website, email me (blog AT joebluhm DOT com) and let me know what you like, and I'll let you know if I can create a print for you, as well as pricing, format and sizes.



Antonio said...

Hey Joe, glad to hear something new! Really looking forward for the next one.
I think the Format how it is is great because you don't have to click six times to get to the next video.
If someone wants to download them as they are now it should be no problem. There are several ways. I'm using a free prog called MIRO which is like ITunes for Youtube Videos. You can also visit keepvid.com and i think utube is already working on a possibility to load them directly. I think it's best to keep this format.

Tim Bye said...

The current setup is great Joe - and thanks for making the effort to post these. I've found the videos very informative and you have a great way of communicating your thoughts. I don't mind how it's setup as long as the video works! I think you could easily make a dvd with these tutorials. Keep up the good work!

knife said...

i've actually finished watching the videos a couple of times and wishing there was some way to take them with me in my ipod, so that would be great.. at least for me anyway. :B

Dennis said...

Hey Joe. I love the current format, and I'll check out what antonio reccomended first, but if you have time to make them as a podcast that my ipod can just grab from subscription, that would own. I recently discovered you and this whole caricature thing and you have completely changed the way I draw and paint in photoshop. I've been rewatching them to try and drill in some of those great production tips. Either way, keep it up man, you're my current hero, hehe.

Tenzin said...

That will be awesome. I find your video blog very informative. I've learned a lot. Thank you so much.


Paul Holmes said...

Hey, I just started watching these, and I have to say, you're doing an awesome job. Your set-up as it is now is great, but if you do decide to use a downloadable format type thing, you could use Divx, and upload the higher resolution videos to http://stage6.divx.com/
(only problem is less people have the Divx codec)
Whatever way you do these is good though. Thanks for taking the time to make the videos. You're a great painter!

Johanna said...

Hi Joe,thank you so much for these videos, you're really helping a lot of people (including me), and that is a great thing, being able to do that. As Bill Laroque said earlier, you are a great teacher. Thank you,


(this format is fine for me)

Pat said...

"Joe, you're slacking! Get on the ball, boy." Quoting you, from the first Bill Murray vid. :)

Just really enjoyed these and would love to see more.

Thanks again.

Dillustration said...

Hey Joe, I am really looking forward to the new stuff. I have learned a TON TON TON just watching. Listening to you talk and explaining why you make the marks you do is perfect. I like the set up you have now - i wouldnt change a thing. My only suggestion would be to maybe talk a bit about the brushes you use for the marks you make. Other than that this is perfectly informative. THANKS for passing along the wisdom. PLEASE keep it up!

db said...

Happy New Year!
Awesome Work! and love the Podcast!!
It would be great a .mov format for itunes/ipod playing.
Also Joe, what kind of tablet are you using to paint? Thanks :B

Antonio Radovcic said...

Hey Joe, everything OK? really lookin forward to the next video. how about you play us one of your own songs on it?? ;-)

take care!!

Joe Bluhm said...

All is fine.

I am simply overwhelmed with jobs right now, both character design and illustration. Between that, a couple trips scheduled and my brother and his wife about to have a child, I have little free time. I will hopefully have a podcast ready by next week.

Maybe I'll have one of my original songs on one, eventually... I'll have to play with my digital 16 track recorder some more, first. I've got no percussion setup, so maybe claps and taps will help.

Scott Hamilton said...

I used MIRO to download the videos. Unfortunately it doesn't make it easy for conversion. I tried a couple of apps that allow you do a) download the youtube videos automatically by title and then b) convert the videos to ipod format. Once payday hits I'll buy them outright so I don't get that "Evaluation Copy" text on the screen. then I'll have Joe Bluhm to go.

Thanks for the vids Joe!

rmsmi said...

I dig the Buick Skylark.