Sep 16, 2007

Animal Caricature


Dan said...

Hey Joe,

What resolution do you normally do these in? Do you start off 'zoomed out'or do you work at actual size?

sawa said...

hi joe!
i found a link to your blog at conceptart :)
must say really nice stuff here!
i watched your vids and they made me start painting right away lol :) heres what i did if youre interested
im not doing much stylized stuff or caricatures but i learned lots from your vids:)
will definitely keep an eye on this, keep it on!

Björn said...

I really like this format! I love your podcasts..

Joe Bluhm said...

Dan- These are around 6" to 9" at 300 dpi, so I'm painting at around 25% or so. I'm "zoomed out" pretty far, so if I go in tighter, you'd see that it's a bit blurry. I'll show you on an upcoming video how it looks at 100%.

These pieces are made for warmup, for the sake of sharing what I'm thinking when I'm drawing or sketching. There is SOME process and tech talk, but I'm mostly focused on motivating others to draw, be inventive, and be ambitious. Any tech tips anyone can give me, always helps and I'll try them out. I've already had a few good tips which I'll impliment soon.

Sawa- your image didn't load. Email me the link again, and I'll take a look at it.

Bjorn- Thanks so much. :) I hope you keep visiting.

dankhole said...

Hi Joe,

A friend just shared your blog with me. Love the illustrations, especially this one. I notice you refer to this blog as a podcast... are they available as such through iTunes? I enjoy having podcasts like this on the go via my iPod.

Thank you,

Kfeeras said...

Thanx for doing these great vids!!! Really interesting and motivating. look at¿destehunddlg/
for great dog reference

Robert Hume said...

Hi Joe! I love these pod casts your doing! Big fan of your work so it's always good to see the artistic process of an artist you admire in the works.
BTW I personally find that the only thing more enjoyable to caricaturize than a human face, is an animal. I would love too see more of these animal caricature pod casts. Great stuff!

Pat said...

This is great stuff. Thanks for posting these. They're very inspirational and instructional. I like hearing what you're thinking as you draw/paint. I would like to see the pallets and such every now and again, and a bit more about how you set up the layers, and why.


Kfeeras said...

Really great Tips and Motivation!! Made me try a dog caricature myself.. see my blog here if someone wants to see it ;-) keep up!!! lookin forward to the next one!



MONROY said...

I make animal caricature so. I´m a spanish illustrator. I like your work.

Fer R. Monroy

Patrick LaMontagne said...

Whoa whoa whoa...hold up. What do you mean there's no Santa?