Sep 14, 2007


This blog will contain videos of my process and digital artwork. More videos will appear over time, and the content will vary but will primarily focus on painting, illustration, animals, caricature, and observational drawing.


Dion said...

Joe, would love to see you do some sketches(caricature) and discuss your thought process and decision making as you go along.
Just a thought.

Oh yeah,...and I still hate you.

Patri Balanovsky said...

MAN.... you got skills to kill....
what a great Blog you got here....
awsome stuff, buddy. can`t wait to see some more. :)


Hank said...

Many thanks for sharing Your experiences and helping others with Your Know-how! This is an inspiring blog, I bookmarked it imediatly, when a friend of mine - the german artist Robolus Freire - recommendet it to me. Sorry for my poor English, but I had to tell You that what You are doing here is great, great, great! I hope to see more of Your videos in future!
Greetings from the other side of the atlantic ocean!

PRETZ said...

Joe, Its been awhile since I've seen you at work,I am really impressed. I bought your book and split a gut looking through it, I love watching your podcasts. What you are doing is amazing and very inspiring. Keep it up. Thanks, Preston Brigham

willem vleeschouwer said...

Thaks for the show. Fantastic Since a year or two I am making caracatuers of sports people for a Dutch Mgazine. I work with gouache but I like to work also digital. I followd your Tom Cruise movies, that was a great help, and I was wondering: When you use the brush... Is that on, say, 50% ?
Willem Vleeschouwer

kibook said...

I am a German Children´s book illustrator and I am enthusiastically from your blog. I am a beginner, what concerns the digital painting and so your blog is very helpful for me. Thank you for sharing your know-how !

Anonymous said...

Hay Joe, first of all I am a massive fan of your work, I only found out about you and your caricatures a coupe of weeks ago, but its already made a big impacted on my own drawing style. Your art has been a big inspiration to me, please keep it up!
And dude I am lovin the podcast!

Joe Borri said...

Great stuff. I'm an artist and writer living in Detroit. I have a blog, too.
I have some work posted there, as well as on my website, Hope you'll check it out.
Joe Borri
ps. Are you working in Painter?